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Has anyone ever tried to convince you that Jesus Christ didn't actually die at His crucifixion?
Or that even if He did by chance die,
that He could not possibly have come back to life from the dead?
We invite YOU to discover Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, Risen from the dead!
Be blessed as you read:

10 - He Returned to Heaven!

Today we want to begin to explore what Jesus Christ achieved by dying and rising again.

The reason for His death was to make a way for unholy people, like us, to establish our connection with a holy God, who cannot tolerate sin in His presence. In His death, He shed His blood to deal with our sins, because only blood cleans up sin.

Ephesians chapter 4 says this about Jesus Christ:
8. The psalmist tells about this, for he says that when Christ returned triumphantly to heaven after his resurrection and victory over Satan, he gave generous gifts to men.
9. Notice that it says he returned to heaven. This means that he had first come down from the heights of heaven, far down to the lowest parts of the earth.
10. The same one who came down is the one who went back up, that he might fill all things everywhere with himself, from the very lowest to the very highest.

Here the Apostle Paul tells us that Jesus came from the highest place in heaven to earth. After dying, Jesus first went down into the lowest parts of the earth and when He came out of there He returned triumphantly to heaven after his resurrection and victory over Satan.

At the time in which the Apostle Paul lived, the Romans were conquering the whole world around them and whenever they made a new conquest, they would come back to Rome and have a Victory Procession through the city.

In this procession the conquering General would lead his triumphant soldiers through the streets where crowds would cheer them and celebrate. At the very end of the procession all the conquered kings and dignitaries would be led in chains with great humiliation through the streets for the crowds to jeer and throw stuff at.

This is an earthly picture of Jesus' triumphant re-entry into heaven! Who were the conquered kings and dignitaries at the end of Jesus' Victory Procession?

That's the topic of our next study!
See you then!

Father in heaven, thank You for Your love for human beings, that You would include us in the destiny You have in mind for Your universe. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making it possible for me to be involved in these eternal plans,

Tomorrow we'll be back with another meditation about the Lord Jesus Christ!

He Is the King of GLORY!

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